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Timespace PCLink Suite

Timespace PCLink Suite consists of applications that allow Playback, Multi camera Live View, Configuration and Download of recorded files from the X, K and V series range of digital video recorders.

PCLink Suite's main application, PCLink200, is a Windows based application that allows .oba and .xba files to be played on a PC. OBA and XBA files are created by Timespace digital video recorders on either an internal storage device or a removable hard disk cartridge which can be connected to a PC via a USB cable.

PCLink Suite application overview


• Review recorded footage via USB cable connected to removable cartridge.
• Review recorded footage over IP connection to the X300/V400.
• Live view of cameras (multi channel support).
• Real-time live map streaming with optional GPS.
• Remote configuration of X300/V400 menu settings.
• Download file remotely (separate FTP client can also be used to download files).

RemoteLink • Review recorded footage over GSM / IP connection to the X200.
• Live view of cameras (single channel support).
• Remote configuration of X200 menu settings.


• Automatic Health checking over IP connection.
• Automatic and scheduled downloading of footage.


• Download X200 files remotely (single file download support).


• X300/V400 can send a snapshot image to a PC using a connected GSM modem.


• Review G-Sensor events that have exceeded the configured threshold.

Detailed instructions for each application can be found in the PCLink Suite manual; Download PCLink Suite manual. In addition to the above applications, the X300 and V400 series DVR supports standard FTP & Telnet interfaces for remote download, control and configuration.