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  Timespace V600Timespace V600 Now available
Hybrid recorder with up to 20 channels of AHD/PAL video plus up to 4 channels of IP
  Timespace V500Timespace V500
Hybrid recorder offers 16 channels of analogue PAL video plus 8 channels of 1080P
  Timespace V400Timespace V400
Advanced fully intergrated Vehicle Digital Video Recorder
  Timespace X500Timespace X500
Hybrid recorder offers 4 channels of analogue PAL video and 4 channels of 1080p video 
  Timespace X300Timespace X300
Advanced High Definition, D1 Digital Video Recorder
  CANLinkTimespace CANLink
provides a safe means of recording and transmitting vehicle CAN engineering data
  Timespace ReviewerTimespace Reviewer
Review recordings and Configure Timespace recorders

The Timespace Cartridge Station is a desktop docking device that enables connectivity from all Timespace DVR cartridges to a computer via USB.

Compatible with V500, V400, X300, X200 and X100 cartridges
Supplied with PC Link Suite software for reviewing footage
Simple hot-swappable disk change
Easy access to recorded files
No installation / drivers required
3 year warranty

X100/X200 Cartridge

X300 Cartridge





T705 Cartridge Station

V400/V500 Cartridge

Download the Cartridge Station Datasheet
Download Cartridges Best Practices Guide