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Q. Do you have guidance on how to use the disks in the DVRs?
Yes, Timespace has produced a Hard Disk Cartridge Best Practice Guide which can be downloaded here.

Q. How can I play .oba files?
OBA files are unique to the Timespace X100 DVR. PCLink100 is required to play this type of footage file.

Q. How can I play .xba files?
XBA files are unique to the Timespace X200/X300/V400/V500 and K200 series DVRs. PCPlayer is required to play this type of footage file.

If you have been sent some footage and require the correct player (as above) then you should request this from the originator of the footage. Failing that, the player can be purchased from us directly by sending an email to mail@tspace.co.uk with your name and company details.

Q. Where can I get Timespace software from?
Timespace software is only available to our systems integrators, distributors and law enforcement. Our software is only available on CD and cannot be downloaded or emailed. If you require updated software please contact the original supplier or email mail@tspace.co.uk

Q. Do you sell cameras or power supplies?
Not directly, our systems integrators can cater for all your needs, including power supplies, cameras, GSM/LAN/3G equipment and many more accessories.

Q. I have some Timespace equipment that needs repairing, what shall I do?
The first step would be to confirm the fault with technical support using the email link below enclosing a description of the fault and detailed information. For further information on returning items go to our service page

Q. How can I export footage to CD so a 3rd party can view it?

Please see PCLink manual for further details; PCLink Manual

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  Timespace V700New Timespace V700
Network video recorder with up to 20 channels of IP
  Timespace V600Timespace V600
Hybrid recorder with up to 20 channels of AHD/PAL video plus up to 4 channels of IP
  Timespace V400Timespace V400
Advanced fully integrated vehicle Digital Video Recorder
  Timespace X500Timespace X500
Hybrid recorder offers 4 channels of analogue PAL video and 4 channels of 1080p video
  Timespace X300Timespace X300
High Definition, D1 Digital Video Recorder with 3G Live View and PTZ
  CANLinkTimespace CANLink
provides a safe means of recording and transmitting vehicle CAN engineering data
  Timespace ReviewerTimespace Reviewer
Review recordings and Configure Timespace recorders