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The Timespace X300 DVR mobile video recorder is ideal for bus/coach, police, HGV and military applications.

Two versions of the X300 are available - the X300 (4-channel) and the X300-16M (16-channel).

For security surveillance the X300 4-channel recorderís low power and silent operation make it the perfect partner for police overt and covert operations in the fight against serious and organised crime. From local authorities' fights against fly-tipping to long-term police investigations, the X300 provides an effective solution, with time-lapse, motion and alarm-triggered operation and the optional ability to view footage remotely via wireless data transfer or IP connection over 3G network.

New in summer 2018, The X300-16M has all the features of Timespace's highly-regarded X300, but with 16 channels of analogue PAL video to provide greater capacity for camera coverage. Crystal-clear images combine with SHA-2/AES-256 watermarking to give security of evidence. As a drop-in replacement for X200 CCTV systems, the X300-16M is an atttractive option.

Up to 200 IPS PAL recording with D1 option for crystal clear recording and playback
File password protection and encryption settings
Dual loop recording to SD card at 25 IPS for added footage security
Hot-swappable shock protected hard disk cartridge system provides easy offline viewing and archiving
SMS or Image transfer to control centre from drivers panic button or motion/alarm input alarm
Single button start/stop recording or record on power-up
Normal, continuous, time-lapse, motion and alarm triggered recording
Compact size for simple integration and rapid deployment
Low power and silent operation for covert surveillance
Fully supported by Timespace PCLink Suite applications
Up to 4TB hard disk cartridge capacity allows long recording times
Digitally encrypted watermarking ensures secure data integrity
Simple intuitive menu system with Help Screens
PTZ control for Pelco and VISCA cameras
Wifi/3G Remote Motion Detection setup
Email images based on motion, alarm, daily time
Web Server Live View
Multi camera Live View with quality control
VCA E11 R10 approval (Electromagnetic compatibility)
Also available with VCA E11 R118 approval (fire safety/burning behaviour of materials)


T604 T616

Rear View of 4 Channel DVR

T604 DVR

Rear View of 16 Channel DVR


Download X300 Police/Security Datasheet (4-channel)
 Download X300 Bus/Transport Datasheet (4-channel)
Download X300 Bus/Transport Datasheet (16-channel)

Download X300 Manual

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