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Timespace service process information

All Timespace returned products are serviced or repaired at Timespace headquarters in Huntingdon, UK by our experienced Engineers under ISO9001 process control. It is Timespace’s policy to repair all Timespace products ever manufactured where possible.

Our returns database enables us to track products through the service process. All service work undergoes a full production test and soak test prior to its return. All products are uniquely identified by serial number which allows us to maintain full history from first manufacture. Products serviced by Timespace from autumn 2019 will be fitted with a Timespace logo hologram label.

Items can be repaired, serviced or upgraded. This includes an update to the latest firmware, battery replacement and hardware modifications as well as cartridge upgrades.

Q. How do I return a product?
Please check with your supplier before returning a product directly to Timespace. Please ensure all returns are suitably packaged.

Q. What information do Timespace require?
If returning directly to Timespace, fill in our brief Service return form and enclose form with shipment. The form provides Timespace with vital information required to efficiently book-in and repair your return. Refer to returns form for Timespace Service address.

Q. Do I need a returns number?
No, however please take a note of the product serial number prior to return and keep as your reference.

Q. How much will it cost?
Timespace operates a fixed price repair system. Please contact your supplier for latest prices.

Q. How long will it take?
We aim to complete repairs within 2-3 weeks of receipt at Timespace.

Q. How can I contact Timespace about repairs?
Timespace Service enquiries can be made via service@tspace.co.uk, please include the product serial number as a reference.

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  Timespace V700New Timespace V700
Network video recorder with up to 20 channels of IP
  Timespace V600Timespace V600
Hybrid recorder with up to 20 channels of AHD/PAL video plus up to 4 channels of IP
  Timespace V400Timespace V400
Advanced fully integrated vehicle Digital Video Recorder
  Timespace X500Timespace X500
Hybrid recorder offers 4 channels of analogue PAL video and 4 channels of 1080p video
  Timespace X300Timespace X300
High Definition, D1 Digital Video Recorder with 3G Live View and PTZ
  CANLinkTimespace CANLink
provides a safe means of recording and transmitting vehicle CAN engineering data
  Timespace ReviewerTimespace Reviewer
Review recordings and Configure Timespace recorders
Service return form
Service return form