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Event: Euro Bus Expo 2024
Software: V700 V1.1.13
Event: Album conference 2024
Event: Security & Policing 2024
New product: V700 NVR
News: V700 ONVIF conformance
Software: LANLink V5.8.1
Software: PCLink Suite V8.4.1
Event: Album conference 2023
Event: Security & Policing 2023
Software: V500 V1.7.4
Event: Euro Bus Expo 2022
Software: V400 V1.7.5
Software: LANLink V5.7.1
Software: LANLink V5.7.0
News: New LANLink Live
Event: Album conference 2022
Event: Security & Policing 2022
Software: V400 V1.6.3
Software: V400 V1.7.1
Software: V400 V1.6.2
News: Introducing V600
Software: PCLink Suite V8.3.0
Event: ITT HUB 2021
Event: Security & Policing 2021
Software: V500 V1.7.0
Software: V400 V1.6.1
Software: V400 V1.6.0
News: VCA E11 R118 approval
Software: LANLink V5.5.1
Software: PCLink Suite V8.1.1
Event: Security & Policing 2020
Software: V400 V1.5.5
Software: LANLink V5.5.0
Software: PCLink Suite V8.1.0
Software: X500 V1.3.1
Software: R500 V1.3.1
Software: V500 V1.4.4
Software: V400 V1.5.4
Event: Coach & Bus UK 2019
Event: Album Conference 2019
Event: Security & Policing 2019
Software: V400 V1.5.3
Software: V400 & X300 V1.5.0
Software: PCLink Suite 8.0.3
Software: LANLink 5.4.1
Event: Euro Bus Expo 2018
Event: Album Conference 2018
Event: Security & Policing 2018
Software: PCLink Suite 8.0.2
Event: GPEC 2018 Frankfurt
Software: PCLink Suite 8.0
Software: V400 V1.4.3
Software: V400 V1.4.1
Event: Timespace 20 years
Event: Coach & Bus UK 2017
Event: Album Conference 2017
Software: V400 V1.4.0
Software: PCLink Suite 7.7
Event: Security & Policing 2017
Software: LANLink 5.2
Event: Euro Bus Expo 2016
Event: Album Conference 2016
Event: Security & Policing 2016
News: Unveiling V500
Software: PCLink Suite 7.6
Software: LANLink 5.1
Software: V400 V1.3.0
New Product: Low Bridge Alert
Event: Coach & Bus Live 2015
Event: NATIA North Carolina
News: LANLink Press Release
Event: Album Conference 2015
Event: Security & Policing 2015
Event: Euro Bus Expo 2014
Event: NATIA 2014
Software: X300 V1.3.0
Software: PCLink Suite 7.5
Software: LANLink 4.0.0
Event: Album Conference 2014
Event: Security & Policing 2014
Event: Coach & Bus Live 2013
Event: NATIA Memphis
Software: V400 V1.2.3
Event: Album Conference 2013
Event: Security & Policing 2013
Software: X200 V2.0.0
New Product: 1.5TB X300 & V400 Cartridge
Event: Euro Bus Expo 2012
Software: X300 V1.1.1
Software: PCLinkSuite 7.4
New Product: Reviewer
New Product: Cartridge Station
Update: V400
Event: Album Conference 2012
New Product: V400DVR
Event: Coach and Bus Live
Software: X200 V1.9.0
PClink Suite News
Event: Counter Terror Show
New Product: X300 DVR
Software: X200 V1.8.7
Event: TSU Exibition
Event: Euro Bus Expo
K220 Larger storage capacity
X200 New 500Gb Drives



EuroBus Expo 2024, Birmingham NEC, 12-14 November
Timespace will be exhibiting in the Technology Zone at the EuroBus show in November. This event, which is now biennial, gives fantastic exposure to a range of fleet operators. We will be showing our new V700 network video recorder, which is now operating in hundreds of London buses, and is a great option for fleet managers looking to future-proof their vehicle CCTV.

New software – V700 V1.1.13
Timespace has released updated software for the V700 Network Video Recorder, and recommends that all V700s are upgraded to Version 1.1.13.

ALBUM conference 2024
Timespace exhibited at and co-sponsored the ALBUM conference in Carden Park in Cheshire. The event, this year hosted by Warrington’s Own Buses, was an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the ONVIF-conformant V700 network video recorder, as well as showing the latest tools and features in our LANLink management platform. We also enjoyed a tour of Warrington’s new bus depot, purpose-built for their incoming all-electric fleet. We are delighted that Warrington’s Own Buses have chosen the Timespace V600 for the new fleet’s CCTV.

Security & Policing exhibition 2024
Timespace exhibited at this important security sector show, meeting existing and potential customers from UK and overseas police forces and defence organisations. The Timespace X500 continues to attract interest, and we also introduced the ONVIF-conformant V700 network video recorder to this market.

New product – V700 NVR
Timespace has launched the V700, a 20-camera full-HD network video recorder which complies with the revised Transport for London specification for bus CCTV. The V700 builds on the Timespace V-series’ reputation for reliability, and brings the convenience of an ONVIF interface.

V700 ONVIF conformance
The Timespace V700 network video recorder is conformant with ONVIF Profiles G and S. This enables fleet managers to integrate the V700 with other on-board and fleet management technology, providing a flexible and future-proof system.

New software – LANLink V5.8.1
Timespace has released a new version of the LANLink fleet management platform. LANLink V5.8.1 contains support for the new V700 Network Video Recorder and improvements to the vehicle tracking system.

New software – PCLink V8.4.1
Timespace has released a new version of PCLink footage and viewing analysis software, Version V8.4.1. This release contains support for the new V700 Network Video Recorder, along with a new MP4 “grid export” feature.

ALBUM conference 2023
Timespace exhibited at and sponsored the ALBUM conference in Edinburgh on 25th and 26th April. This annual event was a key date in our diary to showcase our DVRs and new software tools and features to a wide range of existing and new vehicle operator customers.

Security & Policing exhibition 2023
Timespace exhibited at Security & Policing in Farnborough on 14th – 16th March. The event was the busiest for several years, with much interest in Timespace’s X500 from European and worldwide police forces, security services and intelligence agencies.

New software – V500 V1.7.4
Timespace has released a software update for the V500 digital video recorder. V500 V1.7.4 contains updated bridge data for the Timespace Bridge Alert device, along with support for LANLink Live (remote download and live camera streams). Timespace recommends that all V500s are upgraded to V1.7.4, especially those used in conjunction with the Timespace Bridge Alert.

EuroBus Expo 2022, Birmingham NEC, 1st-3rd November
Timespace was delighted to meet with so many fleet operators and distributors at the EuroBus show. Timespace highlighted the introduction of the new V700 Network Video Recorder – our first full HD IP recorder, and designed to meet the latest Transport for London specification for bus CCTV. We also showcased the new Live features in the LANLink fleet management platform, essential to helping operators manage their vehicle CCTV efficiently.

New software – V400 V1.7.5
Timespace has released a software update for the V400 digital video recorder. V400 V1.7.5 contains updated bridge data for the Timespace Bridge Alert device, along with support for the new Live features in LANLink (remote footage preview and download plus live camera streams). Timespace recommends that all V400s are upgraded to V1.7.5, especially those used in conjunction with Timespace Bridge Alert.

New software – LANLink V5.7.1
Timespace has released a new version of the LANLink fleet management platform. LANLink Live V5.7.1 contains extensive new mapping features, along with improvements to the support for the MySQL database.

New software – LANLink V5.7.0
Timespace has released an update for the LANLink fleet management platform. LANLink V5.7.0 contains the new LANLink Live features (live camera streams, remote footage preview and remote download) as well as security and operational improvements. NB a licence is required to access the new LANLink Live features.

LANLink Live - Timespace is delighted to announce the launch of LANLink Live - our respected LANLink platform, now enhanced with live camera streams over 4G, and live footage preview and download.

ALBUM conference 2022, Blackpool.
Timespace used the return of the ALBUM event to showcase the new Live features in the LANLink fleet management platform. Fleet managers saw how the new live camera streams, remote footage preview and remote download can help them manage their CCTV and save time and money.

Timespace exhibited at the Security & Policing exhibition in Farnborough on 15th-17th March.
The exhibition was very well-attended by government, police and security professionals from around the world. The Timespace stand had visitors from many UK and European police forces and government agencies, and our latest product developments were well-received.

New software – V400 V1.6.3 and V500 V1.7.1
Timespace has released new software for the V400 and V500 digital video recorders. V400 V1.6.3 contains updated bridge data for the Timespace Bridge Alert, and modifications to accommodate new variants of electrical components. V500 V1.7.1 contains support for live IP cameras on switchers. Timespace recommends that all DVRs are upgraded to the latest software, especially V400s used in conjunction with Timespace Bridge Alert.

New software – V400 V1.6.2
Timespace has released V1.6.2 operating software for the V400 digital video recorder. V1.6.2 contains a fix to ensure the V400 continues to record correctly when LANLink is downloading snapshots. Timespace recommends that all V400 recorders are upgraded to V1.6.2 software, particularly if connected to a LANLink server.

**Now available**
Timespace has announced the V600 AHD digital video recorder – the first of Timespace’s products to support the latest analogue high definition (AHD) cameras. With up to 20 channels of AHD/PAL video, plus up to 4 IP camera channels, the V600 provides a new option for choice, quality and flexibility for vehicle CCTV.

New software – PCLink Version 8.3.0
Timespace has released a new version of PCLink footage and viewing analysis software, Version 8.3.0. This release contains full support for the new Timespace V600 AHD digital video recorder, along with a number of improvements to existing PCLink features.

Euro Bus Expo 2022, Birmingham NEC, 1st-3rd November
Timespace will be exhibiting at Euro Bus Expo 2022, showing the latest digital video recorder products. Timespace will also be showcasing new features and functions in LANLink fleet management platform and PCLink footage viewing software.  Euro Bus Expo 2021 has been postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

ITT Hub exhibition, Farnborough, 30th June & 1st July 2021
Timespace exhibited at ITT Hub event at Farnborough on 30th June and 1st July.  This new event brought together vehicles and technology from across the road transport sector, and was an excellent opportunity to introduce Timespace products to a wider audience.

Security & Policing show online, 9-11th March
Timespace has exhibited at our first virtual exhibition – the Security & Policing show online.  The event, normally held annually at the Farnborough International Exhibition Centre, attracted nearly 10,000 registered UK and international visitors.  Attendees were able to visit the virtual Timespace “booth”, view our products, and use the live chat and video meeting features.  The Timespace booth attracted visitors from many UK and international police forces, government agencies and military and security organisations, and was an excellent opportunity to widen awareness of our product range.

New software – V400 V1.6.0
• Support for currently available 4TB disks and up to 8TB in future
• Hard-disk buffer recording
• SD card HD Mirror Mode
• Telnet and FTP reliability improvements
• Remote playback improvements

From March 2020, Timespace digital video recorders (DVRs) are now available with VCA E11 R118 approval.
The R118 fire safety regulations are concerned with the burning behaviour of materials installed in vehicle passenger compartments. These requirements become mandatory for applicable vehicle first registrations from July 2020. Timespace’s vehicle accessories, CANLink and Bridge Alert, are also available with E11 R118 approval.

New software: PCLink Suite V8.1.1 and LANlink V5.5.1
Timespace has released updates for PCLink Suite (footage viewing and analysis software) and LANLink (fleet management platform).
PCLink Suite V8.1.1 – new MP4 export options, new GPS export to GPX files, remote connection improvements.
LANLink V5.5.1 – new option to download footage via choice of WiFi or 4G, new user permissions, new support for X500/R500 snapshots, improvements to API commands and to XOS uploading.

Security & Policing, 3rd-5th March 2020
Timespace exhibited at the Security & Policing show in Farnborough. This annual event is a key event in Timespace’s calendar and, once again, was an excellent opportunity to showcase Timespace digital video recorders (DVRs) to UK and international police, security, military and intelligence agencies. The X500 DVR, with analogue and IP Motion Detection, continues to be of great interest in these markets.

New software – V400 V1.5.5
• Bridge Alert – new option to mute Bridge Alert when ignition is off
• New “bookmarks” feature (via a serial input)
• New selectable LAN activity timeout before shutdown
• Bridge Clear data updates
• Fix for HIK DS-2XM6726FWD-IB camera

Coach & Bus UK 2019, Birmingham NEC, 2nd-3rd October

Timespace exhibited at the Coach and Bus UK show, highlighting developments in the LANLink and PCLink software packages.  Visitors were impressed with the new browser-playback feature in LANLink – this allows footage play-back in any web browser, simplifying the process of viewing and sharing recordings.   PCLink’s new bookmark feature was also on show – enabling users to mark and annotate footage at particular points, eg for driver training.    Timespace also showcased the forthcoming V600 AHD digital video recorder, which will provide operators with the flexibility to introduce the latest high-definition cameras.

New software – LANLink, PCLink Suite, X500 and R500 Timespace has released new versions of software for LANLink, PCLink Suite and the X500/R500 digital video recorders. New versions are:
• LANLink V5.5.0 – with new in-browser playback, enabling footage to be viewed in any web browser
• PCLink Suite V8.1.0 – additional support for the X500; MP4 export improvements
• X500 V1.3.1 – improved PTZ support
• R500 V1.3.1 – updates and general improvements

New software – V400 V1.5.4 and V500 V1.4.4 – for Timespace production purposes, with no effect on the operation of Timespace DVRs in the field.

ALBUM Conference 2019, Cardiff, 8th – 9th May
Timespace exhibited at the ALBUM conference in Cardiff, showing our range of DVRs and accessories, including the forthcoming V600 AHD DVR. We also showed developments in our LANLink software, including in-browser playback for recorded footage. The event was a key opportunity to network with many distributors as well as existing and potential end-users.

Security & Policing, 5th-7th March 2019

Timespace exhibited at the Security & Policing event in Farnborough.  The X500 DVR, with key features of both analogue and IP motion detection, was very well-received by police and security experts from around the world.

New V400 software V1.5.3
• Updated Bridge ClearTM data for Bridge Alert
• Various fixes and performance improvements

Euro Bus Expo 2018, NEC Birmingham, 30th October – 1st November 2018

Timespace introduced its two new digital video recorders – the hybrid analogue/IP R500, and the 16-channel X300-16M – at Euro Bus Expo 2018. The new DVRs increase Timespace’s product range, giving more choice for operators installing new or replacement CCTV systems. Timespace also announced the development of the V450 AHD recorder, and showcased in-browser playback and live-view features in LANLink fleet management software.

New GDPR Security features in Timespace software
Timespace has developed a range of additional file password protection and encryption features in DVR software, PCLink video viewing software and LANLink fleet management software. The new features are to help CCTV-users to meet the requirements of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), introduced in May 2018.

New V400 & X300 software V1.5.0
• New file security options

PCLink Suite update V8.0.3
• New file security options
• Improved CAN diagnostics

LANLink V5.4.1 Released

ALBUM Conference 2018, Glasgow, 14th – 16th May
Timespace exhibited at the ALBUM conference in Glasgow, demonstrating the new software password and encryption features available to help operators comply with their GDPR obligations.  Timespace also showed 2 new vehicle recorders, the R500 and the X300-16M, both ideal for coach and bus operators considering replacing or upgrading their CCTV systems.

Security & Policing, 6th-8th February 2018
Timespace exhibited at the Security and Policing exhibition in Farnborough (stand F30), showing the X500 digital video recorder.

PCLink Suite update V8.0.2
• New support for X500 High Quality Audio

GPEC Frankfurt, 20-22nd February 2018
Timespace demonstrated the X500 digital video recorder to a largely German audience of police and security experts. With 4 each of IP camera and analogue camera inputs, combined with high-quality audio, the X500 was very well-received by those requiring a market-leading compact recorder for covert, mobile and law-enforcement surveillance operations.

Coach & Bus UK 2017, Birmingham NEC 4-5 October

Timespace demonstrated the new object-blurring tool in PCLink software.  Also on show were the V400 and V500 digital video recorders, CANLink vehicle data recording unit, and LANLink remote monitoring software.

PCLink Suite V8.0
• Addition of object/face-blurring tool.

V400 Software V1.4.3
A maintenance release containing IP Camera fix for occasional camera drop-out during specific alarm/digital switching conditions.

V400 Software V1.4.1
A maintenance release containing improvements for TELNET, RTSP, IP Camera text and CAN filtering.

Timespace celebrates 20th Anniversary
Timespace Technology is celebrating 20 years of market-leading design and manufacture of digital video recorders (DVRs). Since 1997, Timespace’s DVRs have been recognised for their compact “one box” design and reliable performance.
To mark the anniversary, Timespace employees and their families enjoyed a day out in London on 7th April. The group travelled to the capital from Timespace’s offices in Huntingdon on a vintage London Routemaster bus. Following a tour of the Houses of Parliament and a Thames River cruise, the celebration finished with dinner at The Shard.

Album Conference 2017, 9-10 May
At ALBUM in Blackpool, Timespace exhibited the V500 and V400 recorders, LANLink and MediaLink, the CANLink CAN data recording unit, Bridge Alert and the Wifi100.

V400 Software V1.4.0
• BRIDGE ALERT – Bridge Alert Database updated.
• RTSP – Video streaming of SD cameras.
• POWER FEATURES – Advanced Ignition Off Menu / Standby mode.
• PEPWAVE – Added support for LAN based GPS.
• Stand alone recording of IP cameras.
• Vehicle ID - Reg / Fleet ID.
• IP Camera text.
• Alarm Input Alarm file – So as not to make new recordings.
• IP Camera view – (when not recording).
• Added audio test file functionality. Will play audio only from files on the recorded menu.
• Digitial Switcher time / recording embedding.
• Added Pushbutton 1 / Pushbutton 2 under alarm inputs.
• TSConfig file support for quick loading of IP camera settings.
• Can save and load menu/tsconfig settings.
• CAN support.
• Set IP camera text to same as standard camera text under some circumstances.

PCLink Suite V7.7
• CAN SUPPORT - Support for displaying J1939 CAN and FMS data in footage recorded with the new Timespace CANLink module.
• IP Cameras - Better support for IP camera playback.
• GPS Accuracy - Improved accuracy for playing back V400/500 footage containing GPS information.
• Left and Right Control Bars - The tabbed Control Bar which houses the dials can now be opened on the left, the right, or both.
• Multi-frame Jogging - A new option has been added which allows setting the number of frames a jog will do when zoomed to a single camera.

Wifi 100 New Configuration Application
Download latest Configuration application V1.44 click here

Policing & Security Event 2017, 7-9 March, Farnborough

Timespace exhibited the V500, V400 H.264 and X300 recorders. We also demonstrated our new V500 HD recorder, WiFi 100, Bridge Alert and LANLink V5.2.

LANLink Software V5.2
• Support for Timespace CANLink product (vehicle CAN/FMS data logger).
• Windows 10 compatibility.
• Support 64bit architecture.
• DVR temperature logging/reporting.
• DVR time difference logging/reporting.
• Timespace DVR & HD warranty lookup.
• Timespace Cartridge serial number lookup.
• Data throughput logging/reporting.
• IP assignment logging.
• User activity logging.
• Auto-downloads latest DVR software to server.

V400 Software V1.3.5
This is a maintenance release.

Euro Bus Expo 2016, Birmingham, 1-3 November
Timespace exhibited the V400 and V500 recorders. We also demonstrated our new vehicle CAN logger, WiFi 100, Bridge Alert and LANLink.

Album Conference 2016, 10-11 May
Timespace exhibited the V400 and V500 recorders. We also demonstrated our new vehicle CAN logger, Wifi 100, Bridge Alert and LANLink.

Policing & Security Event 2016 on stand G13, 8-10 March, Farnborough
Timespace exhibited the X300 and V400 H.264 recorders. We also demonstrated our new V500 HD recorder, WiFi 100, Bridge Alert and LANLink V5.1.

Press Release: Timespace unveiled their new V500 HD CCTV recorder at Coach and Bus Live.
>> V500 DVR Product Info

Coach & Bus Live 2015
Timespace will be exhibited the X200, X300 and V400 H.264 8, 12 and 16 channel vehicle recorder for vehicle CCTV and demonstrated Bridge Alert and LANLink V5.0.

V400 Software V1.3.2
This is a maintenance release. Further information

PCLinkSuite Software V7.6
• What’s New dialog
There’s now a What’s New dialog which tells you what’s new.
• Automatic Updates
PCLink will periodically check for updates and notify you.
• Mouse-wheel zoom
If you hover over a camera tile and scroll the mouse wheel, PCLink will zoom in to the image. Once zoomed in you can also pan round the image by holding the left mouse button and dragging the mouse.
• Windows XP support
PCLink will no longer install on Windows XP. PCPlayerXP.exe exists for legacy systems and is copied to the destination folder or DVD image when exporting footage.
• Camera tile ordering & orientation
The new camera setup dialog can be opened using the Options->Camera Grid Setup... menu entry. As well as allowing the display order of cameras to be changed, this dialog also allows cameras to be rotated or flipped from left to right.
• GPS Location playback Hold the Ctrl key and then Left mouse click the PCLink map trail to jump to footage at this location.
• Advanced Load Remote Unit
Allows you to specify the network adaptor to be used to connect to a remote Timespace DVR, useful when using a pc/laptop with multiple adaptors. Also GPS and Camera1 text is displayed when viewing the load remote unit dialog.
• Better support for IP Cameras
Playback and seeking will be much quicker and smoother than in previous versions. PCLink will try and display the cameras at the correct aspect ratio, selectable in Options->Preferences.
• Date/Time display
Right-click the date/time display to copy the current playback date/time to the clipboard in the format "%H:%M:%S %d/%m/%y". Double click the date/time display to open a Search dialog box.

LANLink Software V5.1
Automatic update of Timespace DVR software (X300 & V400).

V400 Software V1.3.1
This is a maintenance release which supports the Timespace Bridge Alert system. Users installing Bridge Alert are advised to upgrade to V1.3.1.

New V400 Software V1.3.0 enhancements
• 1080p HD IP Camera support.
• Bridge Alert - Timespace low bridge warning system.
• 2TB disk support.
• Improved file system recovery from power interruption – V400 Recorders do not require a UPS.

New Product Timespace Low Bridge Alert System
Bridge Alert is a low bridge driver warning aid, integrated with the Timespace V400 vehicle CCTV recorder. Audible and visual low bridge warnings are provided via a dash board mounted device and the drivers CCTV monitor. Using the existing V400 GPS device and licensed Bridge ClearTM data, Timespace Bridge Alert is a simple ‘plug and play’ installation, with free software upgrades.

Coach & Bus Live 2015
Timespace exhibited the X200, X300 and V400 H.264 8, 12 and 16 channel vehicle recorder for vehicle CCTV and demonstrated Bridge Alert and LANLink V5.0.

NATIA's annual technical exhibition 2015.
Timespace exhibited the X200, X300 and V400 H.264 8, 12 and 16 channel digital video recorders.

LANLink 5.0 Press Release
>> View LANLink Press release

Album Conference 2015, 12-13 May
Timespace exhibited the X200, X300 and V400 H.264 8, 12 and 16 channel vehicle recorder for vehicle CCTV and demonstrated Bridge Alert and LANLink V5.0.

Policing & Security Event 2015, 10-12 March, Farnborough
Timespace exhibited the X300 and V400 H.264 recorders and demonstrated Bridge Alert and LANLink V5.0.

Euro Bus Expo 2014, 4-6 November.
Timespace exhibited the X200, X300 and V400 H.264 8, 12 and 16 channel vehicle recorder for vehicle CCTV and demonstrated LANLink V5.0.

NATIA's annual technical exhibition 2014.
Timespace exhibited the X200, X300 and V400 H.264 8, 12 and 16 channel digital video recorders.

New X300 Software V1.3.0 enhancements
• Doubled images per second from 100 to 200 IPS.
• Email images based on motion, alarm, daily time.
• Web Server Live View (Enable/Disable, Password Protected & Camera selection).
• Faster LAN speed (x2).
• Support for DHCP.
• FTP/Telnet Password management.
• Load/Save .XOS from SD card.
• Write log file to HD/SD on demand.

New PCLink Suite V7.5 enhancements
Direct to DVD
• Automatically converts/burns to DVD format or
• Burns XBA data with PCPlayer direct to DVD.
• Export to MP4 (built in codec).

New LANLink 4.0.0 enhancements
• Automatic, daily CCTV health notification.
• Automatic, daily snapshots of all cameras.
• Automatic, daily GPS route information.
• Date/Time/GPS based File download.
• Email reporting.
• Obscured camera detection.
• Supports X200/X300 and V400 recorders.

Email Timespace with your contact details to arrange a login and tour of our online demo system, or to arrange an introduction/training.

LANLink 4

>> View Screen shot image

Album Conference 2014, 13-14 May.
Timespace exhibited the X200, X300 and V400 H.264 8, 12 and 16 channel vehicle recorder for vehicle CCTV and demonstrated the lastest LANLink 4.0.0.

Security and Policing show on stand D32, 11-13 March 2014, Farnborough
Timespace exhibited the X300 DVR and demonstrated the latest software V1.3.0.

Coach & Bus Live 2013
Another successful exhibition for Timespace at the Coach & Bus Live show. V400 IP Camera (HD quality) support was very well received, together with the demonstration of a single 2TB Timespace Cartridge for extended recording times. Timespace LANLink V4.0 was also launched. Regarded as the market leading CCTV Fleet Management software, LANLink features include, automatic health checking, daily camera snapshots, obscured camera detection, daily route information and GPS location based video download.

Coach and Bus Show 2013
NATIA Memphis 2013.
Timespace exhibited the X200, X300 and V400 H.264 8, 12 and 16 channel digital video recorder .

V400 Software V1.2.0 includes local Playback via the Reviewer for easy system audit, enhanced power down features and new Alarm functionality.

Album Conference 2013.
Timespace exhibited the X200, X300 and V400 H.264 8, 12 and 16 channel vehicle recorder for vehicle CCTV

Home Office Security & Policing Exhibition 2013. Timespace had a very successful exhibition in Farnborough, meeting new and existing customers from all over the world. The new feature demonstrations of X300 Web browser Live View and Image email alerts were very well received and customers are eagerly anticipating the new software release.

Home Office Show 2012

X200 V2.0.0 software is a maintenance release that supports 4k sector hard disk drives. In future, new Timespace cartridges purchased will contain 4k sector drives and require V2.0.0 software to be installed.

If you wish to be kept up to date with the latest software releases for Timespace products, please subscribe to our release list; subscribe

500GB Solid State Cartidge approved for X300 & X200
500GB solid state cartridges are suitable for use in high vibration and temperature applications.
1.5TB cartridge approved for X300 & V400.
To meet the growing demand for extended recording times, Timespace is pleased to announce the release of 1.5TB hard disk cartridges for the X300 & V400 digital video recorders. Timespace cartridges are only fitted with hard disks that have passed formal testing and approval by Timespace Technology.

Many thanks to our customers and partners who visited the Timespace stand at EUROBUS 2012. We were very pleased to meet you and demonstrate our mobile digital recorders.


New X300 software V1.1.1 enhancements
• D1 recording at less than 50IPS.
• Watermark / hash file enhancements.
• L & R channel audio playback on the reviewer.

New PCLinkSuite V7.4 enhancements
• Motion detection mask support over PCLink.
• Network :PORT support (allows multiple X300’s behind a firewall with port forwarding).
• PCLink map/camera tile undocking.
• Camera text overlay display options.
• “Live” quality level adjustment e.g. record at V.High but stream Live at Low quality.
• Export to mpg/mp4.

The New Timespace X301 Reviewer ensures a crystal clear view of events as they unfold, the large sharp screen bringing the full scene to life in the hands of the operator. The reviewer’s interface maximises the powerful features of the X300 and
V400 recorders. With in-built PTZ camera control and current support for both VISCA and PELCO protocols, there is no need for the additional expense of a PTZ interface control box.
Designed with operations in mind, the reviewer is protected by a rubberised casing and scratch resistant window for reliable operation, even in the toughest of applications. Recorder set-up and operation is
intuitive and user friendly, with live display of critical events, instant PTZ camera control and playback of recorded footage using the concise and clear colour coded keys. High quality D1 recordings maximise the benefit of the X301 Reviewer’s digital zoom feature, bringing detail to life with the cursor keys allowing the full screen to be navigated and viewed.

The New Timespace Cartridge Station enables universal connectivity to all Timespace cartridges. The Timespace USB Cartridge station enables the reviewing of footage directly from cartridge using PCLink Suite software.

The V400 is firmly established in the UK Bus CCTV market place. As a fully integrated single box solution, with H.264 video compression, it is also the recorder of choice in Emergency Service Vehicles. In addition, Coach operators and local authority vehicles are adopting the V400 as the standard DVR across their fleets.

Album Conference 22-23rd May 2012.
Timespace exhibited the X200, X300 and V400 H.264 8, 12 and 16 channel vehicle recorder for vehicle CCTV.

Coach and Bus Live 2011, Stand L63
Bus World Kortrijk,
Stand 8–46
Timespace exhibited the X200, X300 the all new V400, H.264 8, 12 and 16 channel vehicle recorder for bus CCTV.

Timespace Technology V400 H.264 digital video recorder
Timespace Technology Ltd, renowned for its X100 and X200 digital video recorders, has announced the launch of the new H.264 codec digital video recorder, the Timespace V400. Designed to optimise performance and reliability in the toughest of conditions, the V400 with robust connectivity is the ideal solution for mobile CCTV recording. Its unique and compact design configuration makes installation simple, even in the most compact locations.

The V400 is available in 8, 12 and 16 channel configurations and exceeds the new Transport for London (TfL) specification for CCTV recording in London, allowing bus operating companies to use additional internal or external cameras for protection against spurious insurance claims.

The configurable channel settings for frame rate and image quality make the recorder very flexible, ensuring that critical incidents are clearly recorded and can be used for investigation and evidence using watermarking and SHA-2 AES 256 authentication for evidential integrity.

10 alarm inputs allow the vehicle status to be embedded in the video footage. The in-built G-sensor and GPS input also record the vehicle movements to give the complete picture in the event of an accident. This data can also be reviewed via Timespace PCLink suite software to assist in driver training to improve passenger comfort and reduce fuel costs. In extreme G force events the dual recording to SD card ensures critical data is retained from one or more cameras.

Building on the well established reputation of the X200 recorder for reliability, the V400 incorporates fully suspended media storage, eliminating the need for external rubber suspension mounts and ensuring long-term reliable operation in any installation orientation. Removable cartridge sizes up to 1TB allow video footage to be retained in excess of the 240 hours required by TfL.

Industry proven integral camera power and signal connectors, an in-built power supply, CAN interface, two high quality audio channels and many other powerful software features like live view, Wi-Fi link and alarm input control makes the Timespace V400 an industry leading vehicle CCTV recording package.

Timespace Technology's Sales Manager commented: “With the introduction of the new Timespace V400, we believe customers now have access to a digital video recorder that really delivers what they want. The V400 offers H.264 recording with the same user interface and support software extensively used by the bus operating companies and is designed to deliver utmost flexibility and a lower ongoing cost of ownership.”

Click here for V400 information

X200 V1.9.0 software released
Version 1.9.0 is a new release of system software for the Timespace X200 digital recorder. It features a new diagnostic communications protocol for the Transport for London iBus system and many low level enhancements to improve the X200 operational robustness.

The iBus Diagnostic Interface has been a co-development with Transport for London and is fully approved for use on London buses.

For optimum performance Timespace recommends the use of V1.9.0 system software on all X200 recorders.

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Timespace PCLink software release

Timespace are pleased to launch the latest PCLink software suite for the X300 digital video recorder, many of the software features have been improved and we are delighted to introduce the new Remote Link feature for the X300 enabling "Live view" video streaming over a network.

When combined with the powerful features of the X300 recorder the ability to remotely access the recorder to view live activity, review recorded footage and configure the menu for optimum performance, all without the need to visit the site makes the X300 the ideal recorder for covert or overt operations.

For further information download the PCLink product focus or ask your Timespace reseller for more details and a demo.

Event Counter Terror Expo 2011 19 - 20 April London Olympia

Timespace exhibited the latest version of PCLink offering many improved features and "live view" video streaming over a network and the new X300 with PTZ function. We also exhibited the X200 and K series digital video recorders.

New X300 digital recorder

Timespace is pleased to announce the new X300 digital Video recorder, the X300 design offers 0.1 to 25 frame rates up to 200 ips global selectable per channel. The D1 option ensures excellent picture playback for demanding applications.

Built on the reputation and success of Timespace’s many thousands of X200 recorders installed in the United Kingdom and Europe’s bus fleets, the X300’s compact and robust design will ensure reliable operation in mobile applications and demanding covert surveillance operations. The new SD card option offers the flexibility of dual recording for footage security or file transfer and recovery in surveillance operations.

X200 V1.8.7 software released

Due to continuous improvements through our Quality inspection system, Timespace has released the next version of software for the X200 digital video recorder. It is recommended that any X200s running previous versions are upgraded at their next Service visit.

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Event TSU conference and Exhibition 2010. 1 – 3 November Newport, South Wales

Timespace exhibited the X300, X200 and K series digital video recorders at the Annual police TSU conference and Exhibition. The new D1 capable X300 with up to 200ips frame rates was shown. Thank you for coming along and discussing your requirements.

Event Euro Bus Expo 2010. 2 – 4 November at NEC, Birmingham

The new X300 digital video recorder was exhibited by Timespace installers at the Euro Bus show. Timespace installers were pleased to provide you with full details about the new X300 recorder. Offering improved performance and new features like the 25ips dual recording SD card back-up.

Timespace K series upgrade offers longer recording time

The Timespace body worn K series covert recorder has been upgraded to offer longer recording times of up to 16 hours. Building on the success of the K220 recorder with play back, the extra recording capability will offer assurance of capturing critical video footage at maximum resolution and frame rate.

500GB drives available for X200 recorders

To meet the growing demand to extended storage for bus and security footage Timespace is pleased to announce the release of fully tested and approved hard disk cartridges from 160GB up to 500GB for the X200 digital video recorder.

  Timespace V700New Timespace V700
Network video recorder with up to 20 channels of IP
  Timespace V600Timespace V600
Hybrid recorder with up to 20 channels of AHD/PAL video plus up to 4 channels of IP
  Timespace V400Timespace V400
Advanced fully integrated vehicle Digital Video Recorder
  Timespace X500Timespace X500
Hybrid recorder offers 4 channels of analogue PAL video and 4 channels of 1080p video
  Timespace X300Timespace X300
High Definition, D1 Digital Video Recorder with 3G Live View and PTZ
  CANLinkTimespace CANLink
provides a safe means of recording and transmitting vehicle CAN engineering data
  Timespace ReviewerTimespace Reviewer
Review recordings and Configure Timespace recorders